Permanent Nature of Attachments

Ever since ancient times, mankind has been using various products to facilitate the attachment of other objects. Think about nails, screws, hinges and glue even. These kinds of products are used much more in our lives than we can imagine. Everything from doors to hanging pictures, the medicine cabinet in your bathroom, the mirror in your bedroom and even the calendar that is hanging on the wall of your living room has been attached so with the help of an attachment product, a nail in this case.

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to absolutely eradicate the requirement of nails and screws to attach different things in your house? Imagine a door but with no hinges. It can still slide open but without the creaking sounds. If it needs replacement, you don’t need to find a screwdriver to spend an hour taking out all the screws. It will be even more painful if the hinges were attached using nails.

The point is, this part of our lives has yet to be innovated. No real solution was innovated until 2020.

The Inspiration for Avantek

The founder of Avantek ™ was going through a similar dilemma as mentioned above except that it occurred while he was at an airport with a stopover duration of 4 hours and there was also a need to finish some leftover work. For journeys like these, Julius would be accompanied by his tiny travelling laptop monitor and two monitors. However, with the airport being busy and no vacant seat to be usable as a desk, he realized that it would’ve been incredibly useful if the monitors could somehow be attached to his laptop. But considering the nature of them, a stand was mandatory as they couldn’t be attached directly to the laptop. Unfortunately, with airports having no such facilities, the monitors couldn’t be used and working with the small screen of the laptop was frustrating in every measure. The problem wasn’t limited to an airport only, though, as Julius was not fond of the idea that he had to depend on a desk to be able to work productively whenever he was travelling. A better solution was needed which would eliminate such dependencies.

In a matter of a few moments, a light bulb went on in the ambitious mind of Julius, the founder, and also a software and cloud solutions architect with over 20 years of experience. He thought about the possibility of having something which would’ve connected these stand-dependent monitors to his laptop. To bring his ideas to life, he single-handedly embarked on a journey which would demand days and nights’ worth of research in the pursuit of the perfect solution that his imagination had brought up for him. The journey seemed far from easy, and much to his fear, perpetually full of failures. It took hundreds and thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment including several 3D printers, countless printed models and lots of disappointing attempts. But the willpower and dedication of Julius were unbreakable. He considered each of his failures as a step closer to his goal, the goal which would eventually lead to the development of a revolutionary product, the MagnaHinge ™, and contribute to the vision of Avantek ™.

The Birth of a Company

The journey of developing a never-seen-before unique product wasn’t easy though. It took countless attempts to understand the properties of magnets along with a little bit of myth-busting. Julius discovered that the claim that magnets can wipe out the memory of electronic devices and their negative effect on a monitor or TV was based on little to no evidence. He also discovered a rare and mostly unknown fact that with a certain arrangement, it was possible to (literally) turn off the magnetic force of magnets.

To further refine his knowledge, Julius took an industrial engineering course and started working on the product which is now known as the MagnaHinge ™. A one-stop replacement for the most common attachment tools such as nails, screws and hinges.

Vision for the Future

Avantek ™ is a company that is dedicated to the development of products that can make our lives easier and more comfortable. Julius, the founder, is very enthusiastic and confident about the fact that what he has learned about magnets can be used to produce a vast range of unique products that can help us in various areas of life. In fact, according to him, the company won’t be depending solely on magnets but also on the art of creative engineering.